Khata Accounting Software

Khata accounting Software is a complete accounting with inventory management system as highly automated system for Invoicing, Inventory Control and accounting with detailed business performance analysis. It was flourish keeping in mind the common and essential requirements of Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Traders, Retailers, Service providers and all other types of businesses. Khata is the only software that offers a truly integrated solution for Financial Accounting, Inventory management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Vat Accounting and MIS reporting for today’s dynamic business and technological environment with Simplicity, Flexibility, Security and Reliability. The most recent & upgradable technology and exciting features, the most user friendly entry system, easy to understand reports, complete Vat accounting solutions, revolutionary inventory management, strict adherence to Accounting Principles, in depth sales & marketing analysis, L/C & import costing management as well as personalized support system places this software miles ahead of any other software available in the market today. Survey of hundreds of business unit and personal interaction with Traders, Manufacturers & Professionals has made our Software one of the most comprehensive Accounting which covers the widest of business needs. Continuous implementation of customers’ recommendations and strong backup provided by a dedicated team of Software & Accounting Professionals has helped make this software a truly world class solution.